Meet Dr.Tamara

Dr. Tamara (Ta-Ma-Ra) Maxwell Davis believes that “The Power that made the body, heals the body.” As a 14-year Frisco, TX, resident, this native Chicagoan is a practicing Christian who loves the Lord, people and sharing her passion for chiropractic, nutrition and holistic health.

Dr. Tamara is married over 20 years to her husband, James, and the mother of 2 adult sons, a teenage daughter and a Maltipoo, Leo. Diagnosed with a heart murmur in infancy, which required her to take antibiotics every six months for dental cleanings resulted in low gut flora. Subsequent bouts with digestive issues, pneumonia, strep infections, sinusitis, cystic acne and debilitating menstrual cramps throughout her lifetime, motivated her mother to develop a passion for a higher form of healing.

Dr. Tamara earned a Bachelor of Science in Communication from the University of Illinois-Chicago when she realized a passion for dietetics profession. Following in her mother’s footsteps, the Lord grew Dr. Tamara’s knowledge and practice for natural healing through raising her family and managing her own health challenges.

With an incomparable desire to share, Dr. Tamara earned a Master of Education in Health Education from Wayne State University. But this was not enough! Realizing that her body and brain were not communicating, God lead Dr. Tamara to the practice of Dr. Mariam McCleod, who is responsible for sharing the power of chiropractic. Dr. Mariam knew of Dr. Tamara’s holistic knowledge and passion and, thus, encouraged her to attend chiropractic school. With doubt in her heart, still battling a 10-year sleep disorder and now mono, in 2014, the Holy Spirit called Dr. Tamara away from a doctorate in dietetics and toward Parker University to begin healing, learn the truth about our nervous systems and to prepare her body for the coming pandemic.

Unexpectedly, while a student, Dr. Davis experienced a “freak” accident that only Activator Methods would restore. This 2-year setback proved to bless Dr. Tamara with the addition of invaluable relationships, experiences and courses instrumental in overcoming all of the health challenges and restoring sleep and memory.

While raising a god-fearing family and attending the program part-time, Dr. Tamara completed the Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine in December 2019. She is humbled and honored to serve her community with her God-given wisdom, knowledge and discernment.

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